Subscriber is a freeware portable application written by Ian Campbell for use by any organisation that needs to keep lists of members and track subscriptions billed and received.

Program features:


You are free to download and use the program at will. I would be interested in any feedback about the program you have, both positive and negative. email Ian Campbell on Version 4.00 adds functionality to the Auto seect window and enables list layouts to be stored and recalled.

Download members program

version 4.0 4/9/13 1.11mb

A user user manual in PDF format is available for download

Download user manual

If you are using Subscriber for SeniorNet recording also download the "Courses" program and save it to same folder as "Members"

Courses version 2.4 1mb 2/1/10



No research has been done on large numbers of records but these are the likely effects of increasing size.


This full version of the program is placed in the public domain and is free for any one to use. No responsibility is accepted for any negative consequences that might arise from its use.

To keep you up to date with developments the program will automatically email me with the organisation name, the email address and the number of people recorded periodically. No other data is forwarded.